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McDuck.nl - A Dutch Donald Duck/Walt Disney fansite.
The world's largest (Danish) website on everything Carl Barks, the legendary Disney artist and writer.
Another Danish Carl Barks fansite.
I.N.D.U.C.K.S. - The portal to the world-wide Disney comics database.
Masked Avenger Studios - Website of the American Disney artist Rubén Procopio.
Scalabroni Ceballos - Website of the Argentine Disney artist Santiago Scalabroni Ceballos.
The Arnold Fans - An American fansite on everything Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Anikey Studios - A Dutch animation studio.
Pivolium - A Dutch student's club.
High Intensity.net - An international Mike Mentzer bodybuilding forum on anaerobic, high-intensity (weight)training (HIT).
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