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1. Manga/anime style inspired futuristic heroine.
2. Futuristic heroine - Initial pencil sketch.
3. Mutant.
4. Gangster.
5. Musashi - Design for a samurai hero, based on the legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.
6. Gaijin or Red Gaikokujin (working title) - Early design for a comic book character.
7. Gaijin.
8. Gaijin - Ninja outfit.
9. Frightened girl - (Copy of my) pencil sketch.
For this drawing I was inspired by the manga style of the Japanese artist and writer Yoshiki Takaya, creator of Bio-Booster Armor Guyver.
10. Design for a High School party flyer.
11. High School party flyer - Initial pencil sketch.
12. High School party flyer - Initial pencil sketch.
For more flyers, check my Flyers, Posters & T-Shirts.
13. Martial arts hero.
14. Girls.
15. Futuristic characters.
16. Hiroshima-Man.
17. Hiroshima-Man.
18. Samurai warlord.
19. Soldier.
20. Race car hero.
21. Futuristic villain.
22. Futuristic hero.
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