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1. Tazmanian Devil Taz.
2. Dromedary Camel.
3. Cat.
4. Cat.
5. Cat.
6. Cat.
7. Rabbit.
This and the following characters are based on Preston J. Blair's book How to Draw Cartoon Animation.
8. Dog.
9. Dog - Facial expressions.
10. Little pup - Facial expressions.
11. Lion from the Dutch comic strip series Boes.
12. Stork from Boes.
13. Designs for a hedgehog tattoo (unused).
14. Viktor Vleermuis - Design for a comic book character.
15. Viktor Vleermuis.
16. Viktor Vleermuis.
17. Panda Bear.
18. Twisty the Weasel - Design for a comic book character.
19. Eco-Rat.
20. Hanging bat.
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