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At work in my own 'art studio' in the late 1980's.
Me (far right on the picture) next to the judge, at work as a trainee clerk of the court in 2005. On the far left sits the public prosecutor.
Formal name: Boudewijn Alexander Simons.
Usual name: Boudewijn (Bauduin in French; Baldwin in English).
Nickname: 'B-Wine'.
Date of birth: December 24th, 1977.
Birthplace: Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Education: Dutch Law at the Faculty of Law of the Maastricht University; TogaMaster Maastricht (an advanced Master's program at the same university).
Hobby's: Drawing; reading; watching movies; surfing on the Internet; playing video games; fitness/bodybuilding and sportwalking.
Mugshot! - I like to make fun of
things; in this case, my own passport
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