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1. Drawing based on a Batman comic page.
For more Batman drawings, check my Batman art.
2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day comic strip - Part I.
3. T2 comic strip - Part II.
4. The Black Bat - Comic strip inspired by Batman.
5. The Black Bat.
6. The Black Bat.
7. The Black Bat.
8. The Black Bat.
9. The Black Bat.
10. The Black Bat.
11. The Black Bat (unfinished).
12. The Black Bat - Second version.
13. The Black Bat.
14. The Black Bat.
15. The Black Bat.
16. The Black Bat.
17. The Black Bat.
18. The Black Bat.
19. The Black Bat - To be continued...?
20. Jewish Red Riding Hood - Comic strip based on a story by the Dutch artist Frank Paardekoper, also known as Dingetje.
21. Jewish Red Riding Hood.
22. Jewish Red Riding Hood.
23. Jewish Red Riding Hood.
24. Walt Disney's The Jungle Book.
25. Comic strips inspired by the art of Mary-ann.
26. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
For more Turtles drawings, check my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles art.
27. Mickey - Comic book character based on my sister's pet hamster.
28. Spooky-Boo - Comic book character I created with a friend of mine.
For the backgrounds I was inspired by the art of the Flemish artist Berck (Arthur Berckmans), creator of Sammy.
29. Spooky-Boo.
30. Spooky-Boo.
31. Spooky-Boo.
32. Shark attack.
33. Zip & Zop.
34. Michael Klatson - Part I (unfinished).
For this comic book character - which is based on Michael Jackson - I was inspired by a character from the Dutch artist and writer Evert Geradts.
35. Michael Klatson - Part II (unfinished).
36. Speez - Part I.
One of my earliest comic book characters. He's from outer space.
37. Speez - Part II.
38. Speez - Part III (unfinished).
For more alien drawings, check my Aliens art.
39. Merri Mormel - Part I.
Comic book character based on Walt Disney's Bucky Bug.
40. Merri Mormel - Part II.
41. The Robot Smurf.
This is the cover art of one of my earliest comic books, containing eleven pages. I made it when I was only eight years old and it is based on Peyo's The Smurfs.
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