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1. Drawing based on a Batman comic page.
2. Drawing based on Frank Miller's graphic novel Batman: Year One.
3. Heroes Batman and Robin.
4. Villains The Joker and The Penguin.
5. Villains Two-Face and The Riddler.
6. Jim Carrey as The Riddler from Batman Forever.
7. Jim Carrey as The Riddler.
8. Batman.
9. Main characters from the 1992 movie Batman Returns, featuring Michael Keaton as Batman, Danny DeVito as The Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.
10. Oswald Cobblepot alias The Penguin.
11. The Penguin's Duck mobile gets smashed by the Batskiboat.
12. Batman.
13. My design for a Batman armor.
14. Batman.
15. Batman.
16. Batman.
17. Batman.
18. Batman.
19. One of my earliest drawings of Batman.
20. Early drawing - Part I.
21. Early drawing - Part II.
22. Early drawing.
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