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1. The first Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott.
2. 'The Myth', Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva.
3. Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu.
4. Nasser El Sonbaty (unfinished).
5. Nasser El Sonbaty.
6. Mike Francois.
7. Caricature of 'Freakenstein' Paul Dillet.
For more caricatures, check my Caricatures & Portraits.
8. Paul Dillet as a cartoon style bodybuilder, inspired by John Gleneicki's Musclehedz.
9. Close-grip bench presses - Pencil sketch of Kevin Levrone.
10. Dennis Newman (unfinished).
11. Bruce Patterson.
12. Jean-Claude van Damme as the Russian thug Ivan Kraschinsky in the 1986 martial arts film No Retreat, No Surrender (also known as Karate Tiger).
13. Bodybuilder and martial arts film actor Yang Sze, better known as 'Bolo Yeung', playing Chong Li in the 1988 Jean-Claude van Damme film Bloodsport.
14. Bolo Yeung.
15. Boxer Abdel Qissi as Attila in the 1990 Jean-Claude van Damme film Lionheart (also known as Wrong Bet).
16. Rambo type of character.
17. Caricature of a friend of mine.
18. Caricature.
19. Caricature.
20. Bodybuilder working out.
21. All American Muscle Man.
22. Muscle Man.
23. Torso.
24. Torso.
25. Mr. Muscle.
26. Cartoon style bodybuilder, inspired by the above-mentioned Musclehedz by John Gleneicki.
27. Musclehedz.
28. Musclehedz.
29. Muscle Dad - Rough concept sketch.
Design for a caricature of a gym owner I once knew.
30. Design for a basic home gym.
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