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1. My best Duck painting so far.
It is based on a cover made by the Dutch Disney artist Daan Jippes for the Dutch Carl Barks comic book series De beste verhalen van Donald Duck (The best stories of Donald Duck), #48, Donald Duck als spokenjager (Donald Duck as ghosthunter).
The cover is based on the main story of that comic book album, The Ghost of the Grotto (W-DD 159).
2. Daisy, Donald and a little nephew in a gag.
3. Tribute to the legendary Disney artist and writer Carl Barks.
I made this drawing for the intropage of the world's largest website on everything Carl Barks, http://www.cbarks.dk. The idea came from its webfounder, Peter Kylling, from Denmark. It depicts The Master sitting at his desk, getting ideas for his stories from his trusted Disney characters (most of which Barks created himself).
Check the hyperlink below to see how this drawing was made:
This (new) coloured version I made in 2006.
4. Carl Barks is Number One!
I made this drawing for the intropage of another great Danish Carl Barks fansite, http://www.carlbarks.ws. The concept was created in conjunction with the site's founder, Alex Nielsen from Denmark.
5. Trouble at Uncle $crooge McDuck's Money Bin.
I made this drawing for a Donald Duck Story Contest at the Dutch Donald Duck/Walt Disney fansite McDuck.nl. The winner, Bernard Slaa, got my original drawing as the first prize.
6. Lawyer Duck - Donald as a lawyer.
7. Lawyer Duck - Initial pencil sketch.
8. Donald.
This is the final drawing of a small step-by-step-instruction I have made on how to draw Donald Duck.
Check the following hyperlink to see the other steps (scroll down the web page):
9. Donald Duck - Pencil sketches.
In my opinion, to become a true master yourself, you will first have to study, analyse and mimic the works of the masters in your chosen field.
Here I have tried to copy the art of different great Duck-artists to improve my own style. In this first example I have used the Carl Barks style of the Dutch Disney artist Daan Jippes.
10. Here I have used the art of the Argentine Disney artist Santiago Scalabroni Ceballos for inspiration.
Check his website:
11. Víctor José Arriagada Ríos, also known as 'Vicar', from Chilli.
12. Vicar.
13. Vicar.
14. Daniel Branca from Argentina.
15. Daniel Branca.
16. Donald - Based on a drawing by Carl Barks.
In 1992 I made a first version of this drawing (see below).
17. Initial version.
18. Uncle $crooge - Based on a panel from a Donald Duck comic strip by Carl Barks (WDC-130, p. 6).
19. Donald and Goofy as Olympic weightlifters.
20. Stealing apples.
21. Coverdesign for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly magazine.
This pencil sketch is based on an idea I got in the early 1990's (see below). It features Donald, who is being watched while reading by Donald Duck heads in a painting.
22. This is my original concept drawing (from around 1992 or so).
23. This is the final drawing that was made by the Dutch Disney artist and Art Director Ed van Schuijlenburg, which is based on my drawing from 2003 (see above). It was published on the cover of the Dutch Donald Duck weekly magazine (DD #42, 2003). It has also been used as cover art for other Disney magazines in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden.
The hyperlink above refers to the the COA search engine of I.N.D.U.C.K.S., a world-wide Disney comics database. Different languages can be set.
For more of my published Disney works, check my Donald Duck Comics.
24. Coverdesign for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly magazine, featuring Gyro Gearloose and his Little Helper (unused).
25. Coverdesign featuring Huey, Dewey and Louie having fun in Uncle $crooge's Money Bin (unused).
26. Coverdesign for a Halloween special (unused).
27. Early coverdesign (unused).
28. Huey and Dewey in a gag.
29. This drawing is based on the original cover art by Daan Jippes for the Dutch comic book album Donald Duck als spokenjager (Donald Duck as ghosthunter) mentioned above.
The following drawings are also based on cover art by Jippes (they're all copies of my original inked versions).
30. Donald Duck als lawaaischopper (Donald Duck as noisemaker).
31. Donald Duck als fakkeldrager (Donald Duck as torchbearer).
32. Donald Duck als kwitantieloper (Donald Duck as rent collector).
33. Donald Duck als schipper (Donald Duck as boatman).
34. Donald Duck als walvisvaarder (Donald Duck as whaleman).
35. Donald Duck als brandweerman (Donald Duck as fireman).
36. Inspired by the cover art of Daan Jippes, I designed a few of my own (fictional) covers based on existing Duck comics by Carl Barks.
This first one is called Donald Duck als opvoedkundige (Donald Duck as educationalist).
37. Donald Duck als puddingschutter (Donald Duck as pudding shooter).
38. Donald Duck als chemicus (Donald Duck as chemist).
39. Donald Duck als kapitein (Donald Duck as captain).
40. Donald Duck als lastpost (Donald Duck as nuisance).
41. I made this drawing for my mother.
It is based on a drawing by Carl Barks.
42. Good Scouts.
43. Daisy and Gladstone Gander.
44. Donald.
I made this drawing for the cover of my High School Dutch class reading list.
45. Uncle $crooge guarding the vault in his Money Bin.
46. Daisy and a little nephew.
47. Donald and a little nephew.
48. Olympic weightlifting Duck.
49. Rambo Duck.
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