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1. Caricature of a friend of mine.
2. Caricature of another friend of mine.
3. And another caricature of a friend of mine.
4. Caricature.
5. Caricature.
6. Caricature.
7. Caricature of my stepfather (he's a teacher).
8. Another caricature of my stepfather.
9. Jungle cannibals cooking two of my former teachers from High School.
Design for a T-shirt print I made for the Last School Day (LSD) of my High School in 1997. This drawing was used at the backside of the shirt. I also made a front logo in 1997; check my art in 1997.
10. Caricature of one of my professors at the Maastricht University, made during a lecture.
11. Muscle Dad - Rough concept sketch.
Design for a caricature of a gym owner I once knew.
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